Window Alert - are birds dying on your windows?

The advertisement below for the stickers called Window Alert is an excellent and long overdue idea. We would encourage you to buy some if you have experienced bird strike or have large panes of glass in your home on the island or the city. They cost only $24.95 – just phone Fenella on (09)4290 940 or email the Trust at

Recently a kaka hit full on into one of our Little Windy Hill shareholder’s glass windows. It was stunned but survived due to the efforts of the local vet; time with Karen Walker (Bird Rescue); specialist care from Halema Jamieson (DoC) and a long recovery period.

Birds often receive a brain injury if they survive at all – and thus require long periods of recuperation after such a strike. Avoid this and support the Trust by purchasing these stickers. They are especially designed for bird eye-sight using their ability to perceive ultra-violet light. Birds’ eye-sight is up to 12 times better than ours. They have many more photo-receptive cells (colour vision) and cell-rods per square millimeter than humans.


Protect Wild Birds from Windows

Millions of wild birds are killed each year flying into windows.
Now you can help reduce this loss of life.

Window Alert is a low-tack decal which may be applied to home and office windows. The decal contains a component which brilliantly reflects ultra-violet sunlight. This ultra-violet light is invisible to humans but glows like a stoplight for birds. Birds have vision which is up to 12 times better than that of humans.  Window Alert helps birds “see” windows and thus avoid often fatal impact.