Chevron Skink








You probably won’t ever meet them together, quite possibly not at all as there have been less than 50 recorded sightings of the chevron skink, a species endemic to the Barrier. The left photo of the chevron skink, oligosoma homalonotum by Tony Whitaker clearly shows the distictive ‘moko’ like markings under the jaw. In fact the adult chevron is distinctly larger than the ornate skink, cyclodina ornata which is identified by a pinkish colour under the belly, as the markings and tones of colour on the backs of both can vary significantly. Richard Parrish’s shot of the ornate skink shows quite similar markings to the chevron. Halema Jamieson at D.o.C HQ is interested in any sightings of these and other lizards — talk to her on 4290 044.