Kaitoke Beach Restoration Project - Volunteer Planting
by Patrick Thorp


Kaitoke Dunes in serious need of stabilization. Photo by Patrick ThorpThe Kaitoke Beach Restoration project is into its second year of funding from Auckland City and work is gearing up for the first major planting programme in late May / June 2009 (Queens Birthday weekend) when 11,500 eco sourced native sand binding plants will be planted in front of the Claris airfield as part of the project to protect the airfield and arrest the degradation of the dune system.

While the Transport Section of Auckland City has been the major funder of the project, financial support from the Great Barrier Community Board and support from the land owner, the Department of Conservation and the local iwi have ensured all major groups are supporting the outcomes of this project.

The project combines the requirement of Auckland City to manage and protect the airfield asset and at the same time enhance the ecological environment of the Kaitoke Dune system.

The 11,500 plants will consist of 9,000 spinifex, 2,000 pingao and 500 sand tussock plants.

To achieve the goal of planting these massive numbers of plants public planting days are being organized around the Queens Birthday weekend and we need as many hard working volunteers as possible.

The digging is easy, the environment fantastic and the more company we can get the better the days will be.

The project managers are going to hold an information evening closer to the planting days for those who wish to learn more about the project.

A date for this meeting will be set soon and information distributed on the island.

A school planting day is being organized for Friday May 29th and a public planting day is organized for Sunday the 31st of May.

Support from the Great Barrier Community Board will include a BBQ and drinks for those who attend.

To find out more, please contact Board Member Izzy Fordham. Izzy’s contact details are;
Home 4290 145 – Wk 4290 260 or e-mail izzy@farmside.co.nz