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New Non-Poisonous Rodenticide



A new NON-POISONOUS rodenticide, "Natural No-Rats" is currently being marketed by Kiwicare Co. This is specific to rats and mice and kills no other mammals. It appears like the ideal answer to the problem of poisons as it kills nothing else except rodents, so it is safe around humans, pets and livestock and does not accumulate in the environment. It acts by blocking cellulose digestion Ė in effect the rats die of constipation. The GBI Trust is currently researching this product, and hoping to instigate some large-scale field trials by the manufacturers. Until this is done we strongly suggest that the product is NOT USED ON GREAT BARRIER. This is because of the unknown risk of building up a resistant rat population. Letís keep the product for use at the final eradication, when it will be much more effective. The key is to hit the rats all at once with our best arsenal, rather than risk building resistance by drip-feeding poisons over years.