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Jenny Ogden, Paul Nichols-Marcy, Peter Edmonds and Scott Macindoe deserve special mention for their unfailing support of their respective partners, their patience during the disruption to their lives during the writing, editing, formatting and posting of both the Abridged Version and the Full Version of the Great Barrier Island State of Environment Report 2010. It wouldn’t have happened without their support.


The full State of Environment Report was made possible by the foresight of Dale Tawa, the previous area manager Department of Conservation, Great Barrier Island. Dale set aside $30,000 from the Project Hauraki Fund at the time Kaikoura Island (Motu Kaikoura) was purchased in 2006. This seed money allowed the Trust to take on this ambitious project. Associate Professor John Ogden (MSc, PhD, DSc, FRSNZ) and Liz Westbrooke (MSc Hons, Dip. Env Mgmt) researched and compiled all the factual data from the following organisations: Department of Conservation, Statistics NZ, Auckland City Council, Auckland Regional Council, Auckland University, Auckland Museum, National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA), Sealink, Kaurilands Petroleum Ltd, Alexander Turnbull Library.

Photographs, drawings, graphs and paintings in this version were contributed by: Virginia Claudio (cover), Chrissy Young collections, New Zealand Herald, Department of Conservation photo collection, C.S. Moore - NIWA web-site, Ben Barr, ARC, Trent Bell, Ewen Cameron, Kevin Parsons, Fenella Christian, Fanny Osborne - Auckland War Memorial Museum collection, John Ogden, Halema Jamieson, Larry Master, Rex Williams, Mere Roberts, Glenfern Sanctuary, Kelvin Floyd, John Kjargaard, Yanbin Deng, C.M. King, A Salmond, William Bambridge, J.H. Goulding, A Breckon Jr., Auckland Weekly News, Ken Scott, Windy Hill collection, Liz Westbrooke, Census NZ, Auckland City Council, Mike Wilcox, Roger Grace, Bill Malcolm, Jessica Beever, Peter Johnson – Landcare Research, David Speir, Whites Aviation, Ian Westbrooke, Dick

Vietch, Rod Morris, R. McDowell, S.C. Moore, Don Armitage, B Stephenson, S. Phillips, D Onley, Rod Dickson, J. O’Reilly, M. Lee, D. Samaka, and K. Floyd. For any contributors who have not been mentioned here we take this opportunity to apologise now.

The trust is highly appreciative of the generosity and assistance received by many individuals including Beverley Blackwell, Chrissy Young, David Watson, Angela Wright, Leonie Howie, Lance Dixon, Cushla Buchanan, Ian Westbrooke, Tim Hingham, Tim Danko, Mulberry Grove School, Emily Roper, Jonathan Boow, Jack Craw, Ewen Cameron, David Speir and Sian O’Gorman .

The draft document was reviewed by: Don Woodcock, Stuart Ngawaka (Ngati Rehua), Paul Downie (Great Barrier Island Community Board), Tim Higham (Manager , Hauraki Gulf Forum), Department of Conservation - Great Barrier Island, Joanne O’Reilly (Envirokiwi Ltd); thank you. Also thank you to David Speir, GBI Environmental newsletter editor.

Funding for the printing and distribution of this document was granted by the Graham Hirst Kitney Charitable Trust, ASB Community Trust and Auckland City Council.

The Great Barrier Island trustees: John Ogden, Liz Westbrooke, Sue Daly, Judy Gilbert, Fenella Christian, Jo Ritchie, also Izzy Fordham (Auckland City Community Board Rep.), Des Casey (Department of Conservation Rep.) and Tony Bouzaid all contributed with editing, photos and countless hours of volunteer time.

The full report of the Great Barrier Island Charitable Trust State of Environment is also available at the Public Library, Claris and can be purchased from the address below. The abridged version is available free of charge at the same address while stocks remain available.

Great Barrier Island Charitable Trust (NOW Great Barrier Island Environmental Trust),

P.O.BOX 35, Okiwi

Great Barrier Island 0960

Phone: 0234 GBIET (42438)

Table of Contents


Preface: Global and National Context

Chapter 1 1.6MB


Chapter 2  1.3MB

Chapter 3  <500KB
Current Pressures
- Consumption, Transport, Energy, Waste & Development

Chapter 4  <500KB
Current Pressures

- Water, Air & Soil Quality

Chapter 5  <1MB
Demography and Economy


Chapter 6  <500KB
Physical Geography

Chapter 7  <500KB

Chapter 8  3.1MB

Chapter 9  5MB

Chapter 10  <500KB
Land & Freshwater Invertebrates

Chapter 11  <500KB
Terrestrial Reptiles & Amphibians
- Lizards & Frogs

Chapter 12  <1MB
Freshwater Ecosystems

- Streams & Swamps

Chapter 13  1.1MB

Chapter 14  <1MB
Terrestrial Mammals
& Mammalian Pests


Chapter 15  <1MB
Community Response
- Conservation Initiatives

Chapter 16  <500KB
Agency Responses
- Legislative Initiatives


Chapter 17  <500KB


Appendix 1
Dissolved Oxygen

Appendix 2
Annotated Bird Database

Appendix 3
Participants in Bird Counts

Appendix 4
Reports Consulted and Locations




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