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Bush Telegraph
Summer 2018
* Diving Petrels

* Traps, Maps and Wildlife

* Motu Kaikoura Update

* The Post Fire Race

Winter 2018
Issue 39

* Editorial

* Te Paparahi by Kate Waterhouse

* Ecological Function in an age of extinction by George Perry

* The Kakariki of Okiwi by Serena Simmonds

* Okiwi Community Pest Project by Jo O'Reilly

* Beyond Barrier -environmental news from NZ and around the world

* Conservation Dogs and the war on rats aka The Adventures of Milly

Bush Telegraph
Spring 2018

* Trap Library Project

* Kotare (Kingfisher)

* Takoketai (Black Petrel)

* Okiwi Community Pest Project

* Aotea Ecology Vision update

* Kohekohe

Bush Telegraph
March 2018

* Grey Faced Petrel

* Restoration of Rakitu

* Little Blue Penguin Rescue

* Okiwi Kakariki Project

* Kakariki Facts

Bush Telegraph
December 2017

* NZ Dotterel

* Australasian Bittern

* The heaths: pretty but exotic

* Aotea Landscape Map

* Ahuahu - Great Mercury Island Adventures

* Swamp Harrier (kahu)

Spring/Summer 2017
Issue 38

* Editorial

* Rangatira - a premier bird island

* Aotea - island of lizards by Halema Jamieson

* Beyond Barrier - conservation dogs and the war on rats

* Beyond Barrier - environmental news from NZ and around the world

* Seabirds: Canaries in the mine or elephants with wings? by Kate Waterhouse

* Takoketai (Black Petrel) and the Threat to seabirds from humans

* Little Windy Hill: the true story of a lost gecko, the woman who loves birds

   and an audacious goal by Kate Waterhouse

* What's happening on the Claris fire scar? by Riki Taylor

Bush Telegraph
July 2017

* Venemous snakes to a land of lizards by Shanti Morgan

* Thank you DOC

* Hirakimata Spin-off by John Ogden

* Native Orchids by Emmy Pratt

* Pateke

Bush Telegraph
May 2017
Issue 21

* My (stoopid) trip to Hauturu, Little Barrier Island by Milly the Rat Dog

* Okupu Beach Birds

* Who Lost Their Pet Rat

* Fresh Water Turtle

* Myrtle Rust

* Coastal Cleanup

*Marine Mammal Strandings and How to Help.

Autumn 2017
Issue 37

*Seabird Super Highway by Dr Emma Cronin

*Editorial by Emma J Waterhouse

*Burgess Island - passive restoration in action

*Rakitu, Rats and Weka - moving ahead in 2017? John Ogden and June Brookes

*Kaitiaki Stand Up: the growth of community conservation and support for a
  pest-free Aotea
by Kate Waterhouse

*Inspirational Examples of Ecological Restoration by Kate Waterhouse

*Beyond Barrier

*Hirakimata Rat Monitoring - phase 1 by John Ogden

*A 50 year history of rodent eradications in NZ

Bush Telegraph
March 2017

* Barrier's Jewel

* Easter Orchids

* Hirakimata Rat Monitoring - Phase 1

* The birds don't know that your dog is harmless

* GBIET Achievements over the past 14 months

Bush Telegraph
November 2016

* Okiwi Reserve Puriri

* Barrier Boy guides on Tiritiri Matangi

* Little Windy Hill Spreads its Wings

* Glenfern Sanctuary

* Catch fish, not seabirds

Bush Telegraph
September 2016

* Mulberry Grove Pest Control Project Goes Remote

* New Bird Species for Great Barrier Island

* Kanuka

* Predator Free Great Barrier??

* Brown Teal / Pateke

Winter 2016
Issue 36

* Editorial by Emma J Waterhouse

* Hirakimata - Summit to Sea by John Ogden

* Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari - an Update by Linda Bercusson

* Pateke population trends and the impact of predator control, Great Barrier   

   Island by John Ogden

* Something is Different about Glenfern Today by Scott Sambell

* Glenfern Sanctuary - from the Archives

* Beyond the Barrier - Environmental news from NZ and around the world

* Stop Press - Predator Free New Zealand 2050

Bush Telegraph
June 2016

* Feed for Native Birds

* Look Out Black Petrels Crossing

* Awana Stream Weir

* Predator Management

* The Kaka

Bush Telegraph
March 2016

* Monarch Butterlies

* Getting rid of Dead Rats

* 83,841 dead birds from a cool bar graph

* Angel's Wings

* Imprinting
* Congratulations Okupu Beach

Summer 2016
Issue 35

Editorial - Great Barrier Island on the Map by John Ogden

Central Bird Exchange Whangapoua Estuary and Okiwi Spit in focus by John Ogden

Cats and Rats: Back of the Envelope Calculations by John Ogden

Rakitu/Arid Island Rat Eradication by June Brooks

Black Petrels: Winner or Loser in the Conservation Game by Kate Waterhouse

Welcoming and protecting the taiko: a personal reflection by John Ogden

Community Conversations We are not alone in our polarised opinions by John Ogden

Summer 2015
Issue 34

Editorial by Kate Waterhouse

Enviromental Update - Current Environmental Issues happening on the island.

Storm 2014 - Just a 100 year event by John Ogden

Wrybills disappearing from Great Barrier by John Ogden

A Busy Season for Taiko by Emma Cronin

Rainbow Skinks by Jacqui Wairepo

Australasian Bitterns in serious trouble by Emma Williams

Bush Telegraph
November 2015

* Flowering native plants bring in the birds

* Bellbirds (korimako) at Okiwi

* Mexicans and Spaniards invade Great Barrier

* Ecological Vision?  Tangible Outcome?

Winter 2014
Issue 33

Editorial - A Massive Storm by Emma Cronin

Marine Conservation on GBI by David Speir

Black Petrel Update by Kate Waterhouse

Kaka nomads - links between Great Barrier & the mainland by John Ogden/Todd Landers

Emerging Issues - The Royal Society speaks out on pests by John Ogden

Beyond the Barrier by Des Casey

Photo: While catching and banding juvenile taiko on the summit of Hirakimata Taric and Eli found and photographed this elegant specimen of the Blue Mushroom (entoloma hochstetteri). It is found only in NZ and India, in association with nothofagus (kauri) and podocarp species and is uniquely featured on the reverse of our fifty dollar note, under the kokako.

Bush Telegraph
May 2014

* Cockles getting smaller at Whangapoua

* Lacebark - hoheria populinea

* A tale of two dotterels

* The Great Rat Hunt

* A busy nesting season 2014 Okupu Beach   and more......

Bush Telegraph
March 2014

* Welcome to GBI Environmental Trust Patron

* Kereru numbers crash following drought.

* Blue Penguins

* Great Barrier's summer flora and fauna.

   and more......

Summer 2013
Issue 32:

Editorial - a bright new year ahead by Chair John Ogden

Progress in Pest Technologies - by Scott Sambell

Changes at Sea for the Hauraki Gulf by Des Casey

Rainbow Skink Unwanted on Aotea by Halema Jamieson

Beyond the Barrier by Des Casey

Black Petrel Update by Kate Waterhouse

Conservation Park for GBI D.o.C Land by Liz Westbrooke

Spring 2013
Issue 31:

Editorial - Local Board Elections by Chair John Ogden

Assessing What's at Risk - by John Ogden

Island Eradication Think Tank on Tiritiri Matangi

Local Candidates Respond

Winter 2013
Issue 30:

Editorial - Community Consultation by Chair John Ogden

GBICT Summer Studentship 2012/13

Saving the Black Petrel - Slow dawning of a new era in fisheries management by Kate Waterhouse

Rubbing Shoulders with Black Petrel

Towns' Skink - a little-known island resident
by Halema Jamieson

Kaitoke Fireground Restoration by Jeremy Warden

Great Barrier's Environmental Strategy and Planning Initiative
by Richard Somerville Ryan

Bittern again! by John Ogden

Bush Telegraph
April 2013

* After the fire

* Local Board considering a 'Rat Attack' week

* Cockle count by Okiwi School

* Hauraki Gulf seabirds - focus of new report

   and more......

Bush Telegraph
February 2013

* Hotel Chevron

* Inventions

* Black Petrels: Guardians of Hirakimata

* Rata or Pohutukawa

   and more......

Summer 2012
Issue 29:

10th Anniversary Issue

Editorial - The Great Barrier Slaughterhouse by Chair John Ogden

Great Barrier's future is in islanders' hands
by Tim Higham, Manager Hauraki Gulf Forum

The Great Barrier Island bittern hunt by Amelia Geary

Rakitu: Where the Light meets the Sky by Kate Waterhouse

Lord Howe Island moves closer to rat eradication
by Judy Gilbert and David Speir

Dogs, people and New Zealand Dotterels
by John Ogden on behalf of Awana Beachcare

Eradication in Galapagos Islands

Main Activities of the Trust 2002-2012

Bush Telegraph
December 2012

* Bird of the month - Kingfisher (Kotare)

* Bottlenose Dolphins

* Bird Checklist available
* NZ Ecological Society "Ecology in Action" Award

* Shags...
* Clematis

* Productive Pateke at Glenfern Sanctuary
* Dotterel nesting season

Bush Telegraph
September 2012

* The joy, rewards and challenges of volunteering

* Kaitoke Dunes Links Golf Course

* Cat Trapping in Okiwi

* Fungal Foray

* Bird of the month - Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow

Bush Telegraph
July 2012

* Hauraki Gulf Whale-strike workshop seeks answers.

* Bird of the month - Pipit (He Pihoihoi)

* The Seaweed Saga - Tryphena

* SOS - Save Our Scallops

* Bitterns on the Barrier

* More information about the Shining Cuckoo

Winter 2011
Issue 28:

by Jonathon Harrod


Editorial - Great Barrier's Mission Impossible - or is it? by Chair John Ogden

Mission Impossible by James Frankham

Sir Paul Callaghan's Final Word

Rat Chat by Jude Gilbert

Rodent Tales

Robin Release at Glenfern Sanctuary by Emma Cronin

Bisecurity in the Hauraki Gulf

Boxing Day Kaka Count 2011 by John Ogden

The Return of the Tree Lobster by Robert Krulwich of NPR Radio

Velvet Worm Peripatoides novaezealandiae

Bush Telegraph
March 2012

* Wandering Albatross on Medlands Beach
* Plant of the Month - Cubmoss
* Black Petrel
* Life at the Wharf

* Shining Cuckoo
* Kokako Cocktails
* Paper Nautilus

Spring 2011
Issue 27:

Black Petrel Hauraki Gulf 2009
by Chris Collins


Editorial - Local Politics & Extra-Sensory Perception by Chair John Ogden

Black Petrel - hanging on, just by Kate Waterhouse

Rat Chat by Jude Gilbert

A Future Pest-free Paradise by Wren Green

Change is afoot..... Since 2004 the GBI Trust Environmental News has been published and distributed free of charge and we will continue to provide this for Trust members.  It will also be available at Great Barrier Island outlets to purchase, for non members. We are now producing a short newsletter 'The Bush Telegraph' every couple of months which will contain current news about events, Great Barrier Island’s ecology, pests, pest management and who is doing it.  Sign up as a member of the Trust and continue to receive the Environmental News.

Bush Telegraph
December 2011
Inaugural Issue

* Changes

* Plant of the month - Mairehau

* Barrier Good Sorts: Alan Gray

* How to unhook a Black Petrel

* Dotterel at Okupu - a local perspective

Winter 2011
Issue 26:

Editorial - by Acting Chair Liz Westbrooke

Kokako Hui by Kate Waterhouse & Liz Westbrooke

Seabird Group Gathers on Aotea by Amelia Geary

Winning the Rat Race by Marina Skinner

Stewart Island Rat Eradication - Technically Feasible? by Brent Beaven

Steps to a Pest-Free Garden

Autumn 2011
Issue 25:

Editorial - Environmental wellbeing, strategic planning, return of the kokako

Cook's Petrel on the Barrier by John Ogden

Kauri Dieback by Dr Nick Waipara

Argentine Ants on Great Barrier Island by Joanne O'Reilly

Rat Chat by Jude Gilbert

Briefs on Waiheke - Forest & Bird - Hauraki Islands by Sue Fitchett

Shellfish Count at Whangapoua 2011 by John Ogden

Summer 2011
Issue 24:

Editorial - 2011: Planning the New Environment for Great Barrier by The Trustees

Rat Chat

Giant Gecko Rediscovered by Trent Bell

Pest Projects on Great Barrier

Boxing Day Kaka Count by John Ogden

Spring 2010
Issue 23:


Stewart Island rat, cat and possum eradication by Brent Beaven

Island Invasives Conference by John Ogden

Bait Shy? by Professor Charles Eason and Dr Shaun Ogilview, Lincoln University

No Bitterns at Kiwiriki?  by John Ogden

Kokako - importance in historic cultural fabric of Ngati Rehua by Sonya Williams

Kaka Count: July 2010  by John Ogden

GBI History Research Group Inc

Winter 2010
Issue 22:


Kanuka and Manuka by Chris Ward

GBI Community Board candidates profile and questionnaire

Glenfern Sanctuary Update by Tony Bouzaid

GBI hosts 'Sanctuaries of New Zealand' Conference

Picture: A picture of diversification and ultimately succession as older kanuka give way to emergent kauri, rimu, kahikatea and rewarewa iin Okiwi, Great Barrier Island

Summer-Autumn 2010
Issue 21:
Te Ahumata by David Speir

State of Environment Report by John Ogden

Mining on Conservation Land at Te Ahumata

Mount Hobson's Scroll of Fame by John Mowbray

Impact of Rats on Seabirds

A Busy Autumn by Liz Westbrooke & John Ogden

Post Eradication Monitoring in Glenfern by Tony Bouzaid

World Nature Group Attacks Mining Proposals by Matthew Haggart

Another Viewpoint on Mining by Stephen Leary

Diving Petrel Lost (and Found)   |   Rabbit Cull Exposes Panthers In Okiwi

Spring 2009
Issue 20:
Kokako by Rogan Coulbourne

Brown Teal holding on to the Barrier by John Ogden

What if we do Nothing? by Jude Gilbert & John Ogden

The Seaweed Saga Continues by John Ogden

Wetlands & Pateke on Okiwi Station by Joanna Sim

The Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park by Jude Gilbert

Rodent Monitoring on Kotuku Peninsular by Tony Bouzaid

Whats going on up the Hill? by Jude Gilbert

Gone From Aotea   |   Local Lad Wins National School Prize
Local School Scoring Conservation Goals

Winter 2009
Issue 19:
Paua Slug by Sven Stellin

Cover Photo

Restoring Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands by Des Casey

Second Bait Drop completes Glenfern's Aerial Work by Tony Bouzaid

Taking the Last Stand by Judy Gilbert

Chopper Makes Light Work Of It by Judy Gilbert

Are Birds Dying on Your Windows?

NZ Dotterel and Variable Oystercatcher

Autumn 2009
Issue 18:
Palmers Beach by Fenella Christian

Open Day at Palmer's Beach by Judy Gilbert

Kanuka and Carbon Sequestration by John Ogden

Glenfern/Kotuku Peninsula Bait Drop by Tony Bouzaid

'Ditch' on those ducks; would removing the bunnies make a difference?

A Dream Realized......robins in my garden by Judy Gilbert

Kaka Counts - GBI numbers are important by Liz Westbrooke

Mohunga Report by Brian Reed

Tracking Tunnels at Glenfern Sanctuary by Maree Limpus

Yellow Jackets in a Papier Mache Castle

Summer 2009
Issue 17:
Photo by Richard Mudge courtesy Nga Manu

Mulberry Grove Community Rat Project by Jude Gilbert

State of the GBI Environment Report by John Ogden

Lizard Research at Windy Hill by Jude Gilbert

More North Island Robins for Great Barrier by Jude Gilbert

Windy Hill Rosalie Bay Catchment Trust Annual Report by Jude Gilbert

Kaitoke Beach Restoration Project-Volunteer Planting by Patrick Thorp

Countdown to Eradication by Tony Bouzaid

Barrier Juniors' Environmental Efforts Lauded

Spring 2008
Issue 16:
GBI Santa Parade Rat Mobile

Weed Open Day at Schooner Bay by Fenella Christian

Chevron Skinks by Ben Barr

Motu Kaikoura Rat Eradication Programme by Jo Ritchie

The 2nd Kaka Count 7th Sep 2009 by John Ogden

Kauri Killer on the Loose  by Jo Ritchie

Horticulture Courses from NorthTec by Sue Daly & Caity Endt

Diary of a Glenfern Fence by Tony Bouzaid

The Summer Campaign

Winter 2008  Issue 15:

What's all that green stuff on the beach? by John Ogden

Weeds Never Sleep by George Wilson

Carbon Credits - the ongoing saga by Jo Ritchie

Aerial Eradication Tour by Jo Ritchie

Brodifacoum - risky for rats, safe for the environment
and Brodifacoum Case Studies
by Jo Ritchie

The Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) Review Meeting by John Ogden

Autumn 2008 Issue 14:
Rata in bloom - ((metrosideros umbellata) with its rare issue of yellow flowers.

Quick Catch for Reinvading Rats by Judy Gilbert

Iconic Species Stages Dramatic Recovery

Cat Confusion: Playing God on the Barrier by John Ogden

Pestproofing a Peninsular by Tony Bouzaid & David Speir

Introduction to Carbon Credits Workshop by Liz Westbrooke

Summer 2008 Issue 13:

SIRCET Steps into the Future

Research Results and Spin-off from Community-based Conservation Projects on Great Barrier Island by Judy Gilbert

Kiwi – in Dire Straits by David Speir and John Ogden

A Tough Season for Robins by Judy Gilbert

Prospectus for the Introduction of Kiwi to Great Barrier.  by John Ogden and Judy Gilbert

The Humble House Mouse by Jo Ritchie

Boxing Day Kaka Count by John Ogden

Extras: The Weta - Year of the Rat - Dead Cooks Petrel - Karo Survival

Spring 2007 Issue 12:

Chevron Skink

A Reflection - My Time on Great Barrier by Don Woodcock

The Gulf of Seabirds by Jo Ritchie

Rat Attack Workshop by Fenella Christian

Mohunga Peninsular Restoration Group by Jo O'Reilly

'Extinct' seabird sighting stirs up a storm

Winter 2007 - Issue 11:
Spotted Craike by Geoff Moon

Biosecurity Measures at Great Barrier Wharves

Community Board Candidates Quizzed

Zero Waste on Rakiura

What's Happening up at Windy Hill? by Jude Gilbert

Bird Count 4 by John Ogden

Autumn 2007 - Issue 10:
Stewart Island Robin - Photo by Kari Beaven

Guest Editorial by Jo Ritchie

Rats, Humans and their impacts on islands - Conference in Hawaii by Liz Westbrooke

Successful Community Conservation in the Far South

Caring for Birds by Karen Walker

Just a bit of Sport by David Speir

Summer 2007 - Issue 9:
Kingfisher / Kotare


Third Bird Count

Rodenticide Trial for 'No-Rats' on GBI by Jude Gilbert

Kaikoura Island, restoration plans moving ahead by Jo Ritchie

Conservation Board on Barrier by Jude Gilbert

Kereru, the native NZ pigeon, in gradual decline by Liz Westbrooke

North Island Robins Update by Jude Gilbert & Tony Bouzaid

Spring 2006 - Issue 8:
Editorial by John Ogden

Kakas - A Precious Taonga
by Liz Westbrooke

by Judy Gilbert

The Second Great Barrier Island Bird Count
Summer 2006 - Issue 7:
Skyworks Chopper - Photograph courtesy of the Department of Conservation

Island Rat Eradications History & Development

The Great Barrier Island Bird Count: July 2006

Interview: Panel of Experts involved in the rat eradication business

News in brief from Motu Kaikoura Trust


Autumn 2006 - Issue 6:
Photo: Variable Oystercatcher. This is one of New Zealands threatened shore birds, but still fairly common here. But how many are there? And how threatened are they by increased use of their nesting beaches by visitors, cats and dogs? In many main-land beaches their small popula-tions have disappeared as their breeding areas have been overun by beachgoers and their pets. Photo by Len Doel

The 'GBICT Referendum'

Cats - NZ Based research reveals the individuality of predation by domestic cats

The Birds of Great Barrier Island

So where do we go to from here? by Liz Westbrooke

The Cresa Report by Liz Westbrooke

Summer 2006 - Issue 5:
NZ Saddleback by Len Doel, LENSMAN photography

Takahe & Chick on Tiritiri Matangi - Photo by David Speir

Editorial by John Ogden Chairman GBICT

Just What Could be the Benefits? by Liz Westbrooke

Pest Liaison Group Meeting - Successful removal of rats off Rakino Island

Tiritiri Matangi Trip - Synopsis of the Questionnaires

Lessons from a Tiri Visit

Ecotourism - a creative approach to weed control on Lord Howe Is.

ARC Policy for Auckland Region

Back from the Dead by Tony Bouzaid

Marine Reserve petition, in support, a spectacular success

The Summer Lectures

Rats on the Rampage by Judy Gilbert

Cover Page Photo Story